About Sven

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Sven works as an independent Industrial Engineering Consultant to a broad range of industries. His experience includes a variety of manufacturing engineering projects as well as supply chain related projects within different business environments, including large energy efficiency projects across the mining industry. While the consultancy operates as a sole proprietorship Sven also contracts with other consulting firms as an associate consultant.

Sven Gussenhoven’s formal academic qualifications include both a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree in Business Management. He has also successfully completed the full Energy Management course through the AAE that would qualify him as a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).


In addition, he operates within a professional network of consulting engineers which enables him to handle larger manufacturing and supply chain projects through professional partnership agreements.


Work projects are performed for different clients throughout Africa, and have included countries such Malawi, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.


Through exposure to the different industries Sven has recognized that there is a definite need to assist manufacturing, process and service concerns with the skill of modeling and implementing optimized solutions to obtain bottom line cost reduction, through ground up collaboration with the people and processes together with high level consensus and a top-down drive for results.

Recognition is attained by delivering remarkable results. Sven’s objective is to fully understand the expectations of what is required, and to be aligned with the client’s specific business needs. Assumptions are never correct and need to be verified with real time assessments.

Working in unknown environments, with people of different levels, is no deterrent to Sven to finding effective engineering solutions. Sven prefers to be at the heart of the business, or at least where he can feel the heat from the “coal-face”.


Sven’s objective as a consultant is to deliver this skill to all areas of the business.