Cost Reduction Projects


These are once off projects, but you should generate them regularly. Things are always changing, especially the technology and the outcome requirements for your business. Are you operating at the most optimum cost base, or have certain non value adding cost crept in?

When systems or processes changes are implemented over time, some business process steps have a knack of remaining in place because that’s how things have been done for the years before. These add no value, but in most cases add costs.

When we re-map the basic value adding business processes from the beginning, then the remaining non value adding ones get identified. To do this it is far more effective to use consultants that are not related to you r business and “don’t see the wood for the trees” so as to say.

This process poses no risk to your business, as no changes are implemented unless approved by the business owners. However, presenting the opportunities is valuable. Should no obvious opportunities present themselves post the analysis, then management are able to confirm there business processes are operating efficiently.

Business Modelling

In some cases, finding that optimum mix of activity and costs is not an easy feat due to the algorithm complexity of the process. In cases like these there is an answer, its called business modelling. Here we model the constraints and benefits along a defined process of activities that match your process and determine the optimum, lowest cost option.